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Drum Triggers
Posted on 02.03.17 by thegardengossip @

I actually have dated a few percussionist in my day because I went to school for music and they would have all sorts of things. You would think they would just need their sticks or mallets but they would buy things like drum triggers – A good percussionist actually has much more than one would think. And a good percussionist is amazing to listen to. They don’t just hit the drum – they actually create music. I enjoy listening to percussion players…the real ones that is.

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Winter and Salt
Posted on 02.03.17 by thegardengossip @

The salt of the winter can really do a number on your beautiful walkways that you have created. I know that I had always salted my walkways because I didn’t want people to slip and I still do not want them to slip however, my walkways had to be redone because they were just all cracking and falling apart becaues the salk was literally eatting away at the concrete. So now I use a lot of baking soda mixed with and it really does the same thing and I do not ruin my walkway!

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You raise Me Up Sheet Music
Posted on 02.03.17 by thegardengossip @

There is just some music that you must have in your repertoire because it is just good music and it is easy to sing the you raise me up sheet music. I love having that and I play it when I feel like singing. Sure I am not a professional singer and I would never want to sing this in public but it is one of the better songs that I can sing without feeling like all the mirrors are going to break lol

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Get Rid of Slugs
Posted on 02.03.17 by thegardengossip @

The beer traps really good if you husband will spare you a beer for your garden :)You just have to make sure that you design it correctly. My first try…I attracted slugs but I didn’t trap them! AH!!

Make sure that the beer is around 5 inches deep and 1 inch below the top of the trap so that when the stupid slugs reach up to get out they fall in.

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Crown Amplifier
Posted on 02.03.17 by thegardengossip @

I can’t believe that February is already here! Where in the world did the month of January go! I seriously went by much faster this year than previous year probably because the weather has been warmer than usually and there is hardly any snow on the ground! So, February is here and that means that Valentine’s day is right around the corner. So, my father in law got my husband some new “toys” for his guitar hobby and I thought it would be fun to get him a crown amplifier. The guitar is only as good as the amplifier it is in in many cases!

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Posted on 01.26.17 by thegardengossip @

No one likes dandruff but sometimes those very very costly shampoos just do not work at all and actually will make the dandruff even worse. And easy remedy that is very cheap is just simple apple cider vinegar. Put a cup with a cup of water and use it as a rinse and it is fabulous. And you may think that it will make your hair smell but it doesn’t and makes your hair super soft and the dandruff will go within a week.

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Manuel Rodriquez
Posted on 01.17.17 by thegardengossip @

If you want a beautiful and quality acoustic guitar then you have to check out the manuel rodriguez guitars – you can get them cutaway or the classic look. And of course as always if you do not like the c found or if it doesn’t play the way you would like it to then you can always return it . Sure you don’t get to try out 100 guitars in the store but you can shop from home and try it out in the comforts of your home!

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Lighting For Your Home
Posted on 01.05.17 by thegardengossip @

I think that the residential lighting that you have in your home can really make a difference with your over all ambiance not to mention the lighting effect you have. I love to have the ceiling fans in the bedrooms because they really do keep the air moving on those hot summer days. But for the bathroom I like to the vanity lights. And if I had a nice dining room then I would have a nice chandelier. I always like chandeliers but I just never had any place to put them. And there are just so many nice ones out there. I also like sconces for hallways and for the outside. My parents have a mud room and the sconce light they have just looks really nice. Lighting really can make a different in the apparence of the room!!

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Black Wax
Posted on 12.17.16 by thegardengossip @

When it comes to you musical equipment you want to make sure that you have all the right things to make it work correctly. I have quite a few percussion friends and I never really knew how much it really does take to take care of a percussion instrument. Did you even think that you would need black wax for a snare drum? I never knew that you needed to wax them at all but it makes a lot of sense! You know that you have to take care of string instruments and tune up the pianos but you just assume you hit the drums and all is well ever time!

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Wedding Photographer
Posted on 12.02.16 by thegardengossip @

I know that when I got married I think the most expensive thing was the photographer and of course you need to have the best wedding photographer has to offer because these are the memories that will last forever. Pictures and photo albums are not obsolete just because there are so many digital items out there. There is nothing like being able to sit down years later and enjoy the many beautiful pictures of that special day…so you need that great photographer!

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Musical Instrument Prices
Posted on 11.01.16 by thegardengossip @

When it comes to musical instrument prices don’t think that the internet cannot offer you competitive prices. I have notices over the years that the prices online for the musical instruments are far better than the ones that you get when you go into the stores. And the best part is that if you don’t like them or if something don’ts quite work then you can just return it with not fuss. Why spend more for something especially if it is a beginners instrument for a child.

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Herbs in a Window
Posted on 10.23.16 by thegardengossip @

Here is a great gift…especially for that young child that would really like to garden. Herbs in a window is a nice idea and a great gift to give. I did this a few years back and had great success with it. My mother in law actually has a great window that is perfect for things like this. And it is almost always in the sun because of the way her house is facing. Kids love these and you can make some great herbs to use for your dishes too…basil and parsley are great for those pasta dishes!

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Peavey Predator
Posted on 09.27.16 by thegardengossip @

if you are a guitar conoisseur then you have to check out the new peavey predator guitars they have online. There is such an amazing selection of guitars you really can’t believe it. i mean with pianos it is pretty much just a handful of the really good ones and there are not many varying styles. But guitars you have SO many different brands out there and then different styles and designs to choose from not to mention colors. It can really get quite the process in finding that one that you truly fall in love with.

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Crystal Clear
Posted on 09.27.16 by thegardengossip @

Why buy full price when you can get things at a fraction of the cost these days and that goes for everything from clothing to that water filter that you need to make sure that your drinking water is a crystal clear and as healthy as it can be. People these days don’t realize how much money they can really save if they just take the time to look around to get things at that lower price.

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Musicians Friend Coupons
Posted on 09.27.16 by thegardengossip @

I am a HUGE fan of coupons and savings. That is half the reason that I will shop online because I can find a to of great deals at t he convenience of just sitting here and relaxing. I don’t have to deal with the crowds, the traffic and the salespeople. I can sit here eating a snack or watching my favorite TV show and use me musicians friend coupons for something that I really want at a discounted price!

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Allen and Heath
Posted on 09.27.16 by thegardengossip @

I can not believe that it is almost October. Where in the world did September go! And we went from 90 degree weather to now 40 degree nights. We don’t get spring and we don’t get fall. But one thing is for sure…those holidays are right around the corner again so, it is time to start thinking of what to get that guitar lover like my husband. I have looked online at the allen and heath mixing board and I am thinking it is a go.

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Cable Box
Posted on 09.24.16 by thegardengossip @

So, I went to the cable company – drove all the way there so that I could pick up a new cable box to replace the broken one. Didn’t want to be charged $50 to have someone connect a wire from the wall to the box…So, i go there and pick it up, bring it home to find out that they gave me a cable box that doesn’t work. Can I call this little office…no because there is NO PHONE! Call the 800 number for them to tell me they can send a technician out…NO THANKS. Just have to make another trip I guess.

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Posted on 09.21.16 by thegardengossip @

Personally, I cannot believe that I had dial up just 2 years ago…that is just so crazy now that I look back and think about it because satellite. They have the technologies that you and you business may need in order to make it in the business world and it is very competitive. You have to have a good online and internet service with your business. And this company can help all business big and small in every sort of industry. If you need these services don’t wait or your business to plummet under…get and stay ahead of the game!

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Musician Friend
Posted on 08.16.16 by thegardengossip @

I have ordered from many times. I actually use to order from them when they just had a magazine and there was no internet! Or hardly any internet at least. The first thing I ever got was a music scarf and bag for my books because I was a music major in college so, of course I had to have all sorts of musical stuff and piano bags and scarfs so that I could look cool throughout my college years!

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Pretty Wedding Accessories
Posted on 07.22.16 by thegardengossip @

My husbands cousin is getting married. It seems as though for the past 5 years there have been just so many marriages and babies! But this is the year of the marriage so I suppose next year will be the year of the babies…it seems to run on that sort of time cycle. So they are planning the wedding and my husband is in it….I am so glad that I am not and none of the kids are in it as well. I loved my wedding but I would not want to have to plan a wedding ever again. There is just too much too it and that is not including all the little things like the wedding accessories and the table centerpieces. I think that the gown and the accessories are much more fun to go shopping for than the centerpieces but that is just my opinion.

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Posted on 06.01.16 by thegardengossip @

I work a lot with kids and they are always singing and playing instruments so when they are performing I need a good microphone like a audio technica at2020 usb because a good microphone can make all the difference in the world. You could have a great voice or playing the violin just amazingly but if the audience is hearing the crackling sounds of the sound system and microphone Mehta tis all they are going to be focusing on which is not good!

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Posted on 05.21.16 by thegardengossip @

People complain that organic is too expensive. And it really is especially at Whole Foods…they are the worst because thier all natural stuff is not organic but it is still over priced. However, there are somethings that I have to get organic and that includes strawberries, potatoes and apples. I can not go back to the other garbage….too much pesticides. I will forgo the ice cream for healthier foods for my family.

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Posted on 05.21.16 by thegardengossip @

If you are going to record your own music then you need to have a good M-Audio interface. It is just a necessity. And you want to be able to record different tracks. Good equipment can make even the most novice guitar player sound amazing. It just makes sense that you would want to sound the best you can. And if that means that you have to get the best because your playing is not up to par then so be it! Just be sure not to play live anywhere and just always have that recording to share with people 🙂

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Billy Sheehan Guitar Center
Posted on 05.21.16 by thegardengossip @

There is nothing like going outside on a nice cool summer night sitting around a fire and listening to someone play the guitar well. Of course you have to have a guitar, maybe one you may have gotten at billy sheehan guitar center before you can play it. There is something relaxing and calming about a nice song being sung to a guitar. Music can absolutely change you mood. And there is some music that can make you very angry and agitated and you don’t even realize it is because of the music!

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Ladies Golf Clubs
Posted on 05.21.16 by thegardengossip @

If you are looking for that great outdoor activity to do this summer then you may just want to consider playing golf. What a great way to enjoy the outdoors and you can get great mens and ladies golf clubs right online. In fact you pretty much can get everything that you need from equipment to apparel rightonline at Blink9golf. I have always wanted to learn how to play golf because it does seem like it could be fun. Even if I was not good I think that it could be great fun…I love to play miniature golf 🙂

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