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Drum Dial
Posted on 04.29.16 by thegardengossip @

You may just need a drum dial if you are a percussionist. I want to school for music and I had many percussion friends…and they were always really pretty cool. I was in the percussion section when i was in high school…the most fun section of the entire band! I use to play the xylophone and the mallet instruments. It was a lot of fun…I actually know someone that went to college for percussion from high school. The college percussionists could really play though…nothing like hearing someone really know how to play!

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Posted on 03.29.16 by thegardengossip @

I cannot believe that we are not even half way through the winter. We have around 60 days left of winter and if feels like we have been in winter mode for months now. Once the leaves are gone off the trees that is when people think it is winter even though there is usually another month and a half of that cold fall winter that just gives the illusion that it is wintertime already.

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Stackable Expressions
Posted on 03.07.16 by thegardengossip @

Personally i just love stackable rings – they are just so pretty and I love how you can create a different look by stacking different colors. But the nicest part of these rings is that they make for great mothers rings. You can get the birthstones for each of your children and stack them…so pretty. Unless of course you have 8 children like my friend and then that is just way to many to stack lol
I am an online shopper…I don’t like the malls and I don’t like to go shopping unless it is from the comforts of my own home which is why stackable expressions from is the most convenient option for me when it comes to shopping for stackable jewelry.

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Posted on 01.21.16 by thegardengossip @

An apple a day does keep the doctor away butso does a lemon. Take a slice of lemon and squeeze it in your water ever day for a detox. And the take some of that lemon juice and put in on you problem skin area – great stuff to clear things up and make your skin look great!

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Guitar Center Austin
Posted on 01.19.16 by thegardengossip @

There are guitar centers all over the place like the guitar center austin has for example. And if you are a guitar lover then you probably have signed up for their sale events. And I have to say that they have great sales and events throughout the year. But I have noticed that their online site and prices are equally as good. My husband is a guitarist by trade and just a lover of guitars…mainly new ones that he “must” get!

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Here are Some Nice Colorful Conifers For You
Posted on 01.10.16 by thegardengossip @

My favorite is the Colorado Blue Spruce – I have a few babies but in 20 years they will be beautiful 🙂 Here are some great conifers that have needles and grow in beautiful shades of blue, green and yellow – so on those snowy days you have that nice splash of color in your yard 🙂

Blue Juniper
Colorado Blue Spruce
Golden Mugo Pine
Creeping Juniper
Golden Threadleaf Cypress

What are your favorites?

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Musicians Friend Used
Posted on 01.08.16 by thegardengossip @

Sometimes it just makes sense to get thing that are used and that even includes things like instruments. Why not check out the musicians friend used items. Some of the best instruments have been bought used. And if you are just learning then why would you want to get a new instrument when you can get one it is at a price that you can afford. My husband has gotten a few guitars on eBay but this site has a guarantee…ebay is more risky in my opinion.

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My Rose Of Sharon
Posted on 01.04.16 by thegardengossip @

So, I replanted my rose of Sharon and it is not doing that great but it is still holding on. There was a heat wave so I am thinking that that really did not help it at all. I am hoping that will a little tender loving care that it will rejuvenate. Only time will tell I suppose. It is a difficult thing to successfully replant big plants especially this time of year.

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Buy Cello
Posted on 01.02.16 by thegardengossip @

Did you know you can buy cello online now? Who would have even thought that even 10 years ago that now you would be able to get something like a cello right online! And there are many to choose from and they are guaranteed as well. The thing is that when you have someone that is just starting out learning to play an instrument you don’t want to spend that fortune. So, this is a great option for people just starting out. Cellos are such a beautiful instrument too – I love that deep, lush sound.

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Mismatched Nails
Posted on 01.02.16 by thegardengossip @

Well, I am very out of the styles and I was never really in the style when it came to things like manicures and fingernail polish. Mainly because I always bit my nails. But apparently the in thing is to have mismatched nail polish on each finger. Sometimes it is just all different colors and other times it is different pictures that are on each nail. I would say that I am out of the times but I really was never in the times even when I technically was 🙂

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Hercules Stands
Posted on 01.02.16 by thegardengossip @

When it comes to playing the guitar or any instrument for that matter, you need to have a good stand to put your music on such as the ones like Hercules Stands. My husband actually just broke his stand – it just tipped right over because he had a book on it! Of course you have to put a book on a music stand! So, I had to get him a new one, which worked out fine because I didn’t know what to get him for Christmas anyways!

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Clean Your Garden Tools
Posted on 09.12.15 by thegardengossip @

It is always good to clean your gardening tools immediately after you have used them. This isbecause you do not know what kind of plant like diseases you will be spreading from one plant to another. Not to mention that they could rust or you could ruin your tools like your gardening scissors if you do not. So just clean them with white finegar. Get a rag and wipe it down and then just let it dry.

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Musicians Friend Bass Amp
Posted on 09.11.15 by thegardengossip @

If you have a guitar then chances are you have a bass and if you have guitars and basses then you had better have that great musicians friend bass amp. I know someone that went to the music store the other day with her son and they literally spent 2 hours in this store trying out guitars. It is sometimes like a kid in a candy shop when you love instruments and music and you walk into that music store!

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Making it
Posted on 09.11.15 by thegardengossip @

It is just too expensive to go out to the fancy coffee shops anymore or even the cheap chains that are a dime a dozen and that are on every corner. Just make that perfect cup of coffee at home and make a small investment in those stainless steel coffee mugs. Or you can get the disposable coffee cups if you prefer that. But personally the stainless steel is safer because who knows what those disposable cups are leaching in your very hot coffee.

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Posted on 09.11.15 by thegardengossip @

I am SO looking forward to a warm and cozy winter. That is one of the best things about the winter and the cold. Is being able to near a fire, drinking hot chocolate and wrapped up in a nice warm blanket. And my husband would also add watching football too. You can read up on cozy winter items here. Because winter can also be fun. I personally love to go sledding. There is something about sledding that is just pure fun and it brings out the kid in all of us. And sometimes that is what you need to do…just have fun and be a kid again. Winter is the perfect time of year to get together with family and play games on that snowy evening. Sure you have to wake up to a foot of snow that you have to shovel but why not enjoy the peacefulness of the snowfall because the salting and plows start flying by!

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Raccoon Problems?
Posted on 09.01.15 by thegardengossip @

If you are having raccoon problems in your yard or garden or especially near your trash cans then here is a great natural way to keep them away. Just sprinkle some Epsom salt around the area and they will be sure to stay clear of the area. Just be sure to put some more out after a rain storm.

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Skull Candy
Posted on 08.28.15 by thegardengossip @

When it comes to instruments many people think that you can only get that mp3 skull candy in an over priced music store. But the reality of it is that you can easily get instruments online. You just have to fine that great store online and they are out there if you do just a little bit of research. I have gotten instruments online before and I have had great luck thus far!

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Industrial Bearing
Posted on 07.26.15 by thegardengossip @

I am not in construction or anything like that so, when it comes to industrial bearings…I have no idea what so ever what they are talking about. I really wish that I did though. I think that I went into the wrong profession and could have been so good in building, designing and stuff like that. So many people go to college for the wrong thing. I think that people should work for a year or two and then decide but by then…it is more difficult to decide to go back to school in many cases.

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Fender Extension
Posted on 07.17.15 by thegardengossip @

So, my husband plays the guitar. And he has a fender and probably a fender extension or two as well. I really don’t know all of the stuff that he has. All I know is that he has been practicing for the past 2 weeks. Which is great but that was our vacation. So, that kinda sucked for me. Just the usual cooking and cleaning and shit. But he would have complained all vacation if we went anywhere anyways so whatever right.

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Yamaha Generators
Posted on 06.26.15 by thegardengossip @

I have had the worst luck with generators. I had a generator that I took care of can check every year. Well, after having it for around 5 years we finally actually need it because there was a hurricane. And of course it did not work and no one was able to fix it. So for 5 days we had no power or water so, that generator was a huge disappointment and we just got rid of it. Then we got another one and figured this is a good one and I made sure I checked it a few times a year to make sure it was working and then we have a blizzard and yup…it did not work. This time it could be fixed but we had to wait for the part to come in. We did not actually need it this time but still. So, when we get another generator we are going to look into the better brands that are more reliable. If you need generators for your boats then I could suggest L&M Marine Yamaha Generators.

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Digital Pianos
Posted on 06.26.15 by thegardengossip @

I have a piano because that is what I majored it. But a lot of people have pianos and want their kids to have pianos. But they just cost too much for a child that may or may not like to play and practice. So, I always recommend getting a keyboard first and there are sites like have great selections to choose from at prices a parent can afford without the worry that they just spent $1000’s on a huge piece of furniture that will only be used for 6 months!

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Water Sofeners
Posted on 05.21.15 by thegardengossip @

I think that water softeners really make a significant difference when it comes to hard water. I had terrible hard water and it got to eh point where I would turn on the water and there would be orange water that would come out first. So, in order to prevent my pipes from totally rotting out over time I investing in a water softener. It did take a while to get use to when you are washing but it tastes no different from the harder water that I had.

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Posted on 05.19.15 by thegardengossip @

Listening to music can be a great form of relaxation. Especially if you are listening to the right kind of music. Dance music and tech music is sometimes just noise and it has less soothing qualities to it. However, you could be listening to great music that is very soothing to the year but if it sounds like tin then it really defeats the purpose. That is why you need that good pair of headphones like sennheiser hd428. This way you can enjoy the music and you don’t have to bother anyone else in the room!

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DJ Equipment
Posted on 05.12.15 by thegardengossip @

I never really knew how much dj equipment a DJ actually has. You would think that because of ipods that you wouldn’t have tons of cd’s or records or things like that but there is so much they have still. And most good DJ’s also have a lighting system that they set up so that you can can. And they cost quite a bit too…not as much as the live bands but they seem to becoming extinct which is too bad because I think they have a bad wrap. There are good live bands out there.

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Fly Fishing Gear
Posted on 05.01.15 by thegardengossip @

I have always wanted to go fishing and no one ever took me. And my husband has no desire to ever go fishing. Well, I did go fishing for 5 minutes at my uncles pond and I ripped my pants because the hook caught on them. That is the only thing I caught – my pants! I remember my great grandfather was giving away all of his fishing gear and me and my brother and sister each got one and a tackle box. But we NEVER used it. Which is too bad because it seems fun and just very relaxing. I think more kids should learn how to fish and not for sport for the actual food. And have that fish for dinner after the catch. But I suppose you need the right AvidMax fly fishing gear first before you go out and start fishing. Although, I did see a video of a guy that literally just put his hand in the water and pulled out a huge fish. It was actually quite impressive!

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